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Udder Care Starter Kit (Cow)


Product Description

Note: This product is marked for cows simply because of the dip cup. Depending on the length of the teats, the dip cup will work on some goats. We do not have a foaming dip cup available yet for goats/sheep, but the Foam-N-Dip can be used as a straight iodine solution, without foaming. Use discretion if purchasing for goats. If you have any questions, let us know. Thanks!!

The Udder Care starter kit is a great way to get everything you need if you are just starting out and to stock up on the supplies you need. This kit includes the following products:

Aluminum cup in 1/2 pint capacity with stainless steel screen insert. 4 inch diameter.

                   Foam-N-Diptm is a ready-to-use iodine teat dip that contains foaming agents, glycerine and lanolin. Foam provides superior coverage with less dip by extending the time of contact with the teat and by reducing waste and drippage. Foam-N-Diptm may be applied with the Ambic Foaming Dip Cup or the Ambic Power Foamer. Contains .6% Iodine.

         Foam dipping can cut chemical usage up to 50%. New MultiFoamer makes a thick clinging foam which stays in contact with the teat for a longer time. MultiFoamer features more consistent foam generation, easier cleaning, built-in valve protection, and suitability for various types of foaming chemicals including Coburn Foam-N- Dip Foaming Iodine Dip. All Ambic Dip Cups are made of tough, durable, chemical-resistant materials and have a soft squeezable bottle with wide mouth for easy filling. Colors vary. 

          This modern antiseptic ointment for udder and teats is in a formulation which stays in prolonged antiseptic contact to  relieve soreness, reduce congestion,  soften udders and heal teats. The same soothing, softening ointment in which Dr. Naylor's Medicated Teat Dilators are packed. 9 oz. tin.

           Microfiber Blue Dairy Towels are soft, durable, reusable and absorb 7 times their weight in water. Coburn Microfiber dairy towels are made of microfiber which is finer than a strand of silk allowing the cloth to reach into creases and crevices of the udder for more thorough cleaning. The fabric does not kill bacteria but has the property of trapping up to 99% of the bacteria and holding it until washed out. It is recommended to wash and dry at 140 degrees F. Compared with cotton, microfiber is softer, more durable, more absorbent and dries faster. Hemmed towels are 12" X 12". Package of 10.

             Fight Bac aeresol teat disinfectant is a sanitary, effective and easy-to-use method that helps control mastitis and maintain udder health. Fight Bac contains chlorhexidine gluconate 0.4% in a soothing, non-irritating, non-staining base. The upward spraying dispenser never touches the cow so there is no chance of spreading infection from cow to cow.


            Experts agree the single most important procedures in preventing mastitis is proper teat disinfection, and Fight Bac provides several improvements over traditional dipping. Vertical spray pattern clears residual milk from the teat orifice allowing the active ingredients to reach the opening and then the spray propellents chill the teat, enhancing closure of the orifice. No mixing or preparation is required and there is no waste, spillage or dip cups to become contaminated and spread infection.  


          One can of Fight Bac (net wt. 22 oz.) treats 300 cows.


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